Sandy Hook RIP/donation webpages created BEFORE the massacre

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Who are the Illuminati?

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Who are the ILLUMINATI?

This is the question I will try to begin to answer….

This blog will include video’s, links and PDF’s  of all the great researchers out there, who like us, stopped listening to words and started watching the actions of those that run this world.

Each form of media that I include will contain a link back to it’s original author and a write up of  what the video contained along with my opinion and ideas on that research.

To the Non-believer, You have looked into the rabbit hole and your world will never be the same again. Believe or not you will start to see things are not quite as they appear in this world that we live.

If you wish to futher travel down the hole with me,  our next step down will be an easy one, something not to hard to believe….

Everybody can agree that there are a lot of superstitions and Myths and different lore around the world, so I feel that is where we should begin. Where do our Myths come from and how are they formed?